Carpentras. 1/50 000 - BRGM

Carpentras. 1/50 000 - BRGM

Carpentras. 1/50 000 - BRGM

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Over five years, the RGF Pyrenees project delved into 600 million years of Pyrenean geological history. The first results were presented by the BRGM in Pau during a two-day scientific seminar. A single geological map of the Pyrenees to the scale of 1:50 000

The BRGM team produced 42 map sheets to the scale of 1/50 000, covering one quarter of the country’s geology. The cartographic standards were based on those used in Spain by the IGME; the map legends are in Spanish. All the data were homogenised and incorporated into the geographic information system (GIS) hosted at the Directorate-General for Mining in the …

Carte géologique : Carpentras [Cartes BRGM] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Carte géologique : Carpentras

Now that the geological map of France is complete, the French Geological Reference Platform has been launched as a digital resource for homogeneous and coherent geological information in 3D. A new scientific challenge for the BRGM.

The 2011 geological map, the most current as of writing, is scaled at 1/50 000° and is made of 1060 collected maps and often contains old data. The last version took geologists sixty (60) years to complete. Along with the "banque de données du sous-sol" (BSS, literally: Subsoil database), this map is the defining point for mining and geologic know-how on France and is accessible …

The BRGM's InfoGéol app provides access to geological data in France. It is available free of charge for iPhone, iPad and Android.

PDF | On Aug 22, 2011, Emmanuel Egal and others published Carte Géol. France (1/50 000), feuille Dinan (245), Orléans, BRGM | Find, read and …

BDLISA, the French national hydrogeological database, is a tool for locating reference data on groundwater across France. BDLISA (Base de Données des LImites des Systèmes Aquifères) was set up to provide maps of hydrogeological units for users in mainland and overseas France (except Mayotte).

PDF | On Jun 22, 2009, Patrick Le Berre and others published Carte Géol. France (1/50 000), feuille Guer (352), Orléans, BRGM | Find, read and cite all …

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